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When it comes to choosing a content marketing agency, bigger isn’t always better.

Don’t let our size fool you, micro agencies like Muse State can deliver macro results with our agility, connections and creative prowess.

What is a micro agency?

A micro agency is a small, highly specialised marketing consultancy built on flexibility.

We blend the best part of big agency thinking with a nimble, collaborative approach to help our clients tell their stories and realise their ambitions.

Here’s 3 reasons to work with a micro agency

1. Small Teams, Big Heart

We may be tiny, but our passion and commitment are boundless for the projects that light our fire.

Free from the trappings of a traditional agency, small agencies like Muse State choose the brands, projects and people that ignite our enthusiasm, because we know that true creativity and innovation comes from hearts on fire.

It means that when you partner with us, we’re all in.

Here for the bold dreams, ambitious ideas, deep conversations.

Passionate. Dedicated. Wholeheartedly believing in your story and your project.

And actively engaged in your success.

2. Collaboration Over Competition

Smaller creative agencies like us don’t aim to be good at everything. We know our strengths (ahem…brand strategy, messaging and content marketing) and we play to them.

We’re also masters at the art of collaboration.

And we’ve got a little black book of specialist marketers, digital reputation experts, designers, website developers, paid social media partners, photographers and videographers to call on when we need to build an epic bespoke team that ticks all of your boxes and knows how to make your project a resounding success.

These micro-agency collaborators are industry professionals we trust, respect and love to work with (and we know you will too!).

3. More Flexible than a Yogi

Independent micro agencies are inherently agile because they’re typically birthed by the freelancers of the marketing world.

At Muse State, we’ve been working remotely since before it was cool (circa 2011), so flexibility is more than our edge, it’s our way of life.  

We’re not bound by rigid structures and processes so we can quickly bend to meet your changing needs, project scopes and industry trends. Pivot anyone?!

As a 100% remote content agency, we’ve got the agility to work with clients wherever you are, supplement your workforce on an ad-hoc basis, lend the Muse to level up your special project, or help you build your in-house teams’ capabilities and confidence.

Embrace the value of small

Standing at the crosswords of content marketing agencies, wondering whether to go big or keep it intimate?

Here’s our hot take: size doesn’t matter.

What does matter is making choices that truly align with your vision.

Micro agencies are more than a service provider, we’re strategic partners weaving brands into the world with an artful blend of insight, creativity and adaptability.

Our tight teams embed themselves into your brand story, pouring their heart and soul into every project, to help you rise above the noise with integrity.

There’s a world of possibility out there, but a micro agency just might be the creative muse your brand needs.

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