like brand stories? this is ours.

Deep Listening. 
Purpose-led Strategy. 
Story-led transformation.

It's the Muse State way.

We're a conscious content marketing and copywriting agency for
like-minded companies with good values. 

We don't just write copy, we empower brands and the people behind them to show up in the world with confidence and integrity.  

an australian content marketing AND COPYWRITING micro agency

Our Brand Story

Muse State is more than our brand name.
It's our modus vivendi. A mood. A mindset.
An inspired and thoughtful way of content marketing . . . and life.  

We're all about powerful brand creation, transformation and elevation
through the art of ethical communication and epic storytelling. 

That means, we don't just make brands sound good (though our clients will tell you that's our zone of genius), we amplify the good they're already doing. 

Our strategies and words create, cultivate and evolve brands
that people can believe in and rally behind. 

We inspire them to step boldly into their vision and proudly walk their story so they can achieve their most audacious goals.

We're a content agency on a mission to give brands something meaningful to say, not just something to sell. 

We love telling good stories, honestly.

As values-led strategists, copywriters and marketers, we pride ourselves on helping conscious companies and ethical founders express themselves in a way that forms deeper relationships with their customers, their team and their stakeholders. 

Because when you respect your audience enough to say something real, you ignite genuine conversations and deeper connections (hello brand loyalty!). And that's the kind of world we want to live in. 


No greenwashing. 
no manipulation. 
just epic, emotive storytelling.  

meet our founder
and head muse

Meagan Morrison

Brand Strategist, Story Steward,
Conscious Copywriter,
Messaging Muse

I've spent the past twenty years in pursuit of great stories. The ones that sweep you up,  stir something deep inside and inspire you to take action. 

It's been a journey.  I’ve traveled the world having deep conversations, asking the beautiful questions that make leaders stop and think, and weaving words to educate communities, drive movements and propel organisations into the hearts and minds of the people who matter to them.

I've worked with government agencies, international corporations, not-for-profits, start-ups and entrepreneurs across the education, wellness, fashion, community, finance and technology sectors. 

And if all of the moments and collaborations along the way have taught me one thing it's this -
what you do matters.

Your choices and actions become your story. And your story becomes your legacy.

The people and the brands that stand out - the ones that truly rise above - 
are the ones that own their actions. They embody their vision for the future,
share their unique perspective, and walk their story with their head held high.


We Believe

The stories we tell

can change our world

Good ethics make

legendary brands

Honesty is ALWAYS

the best policy.


Lead with purpose.

Speak your truth. 

Raise people up.

Ignite conversations.

Stay curious.  

We're deep thinkers with curious minds and big ideas.

We honour the sacred nature of story to reveal, teach, provoke and set hearts on fire. 

So we dare to ask the tough questions that keep you accountable to your purpose, and the truth.  

Because making ethical choices feels good and it leads to better results. 

Ready to rise above the noise?

Summon the Muse