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Muse State helps good brands rise above the noise with words of integrity. 

We specialise in brand strategy, content marketing and conscious copywriting for new and evolving brands. 


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Our inspired and thoughtful content approach empowers your entire business, not just the marketing department.

We steward potent brand stories to create mythic brands that people love to love, and love to talk about.

And that means more conversions, higher revenue, increased brand equity and improved ROI!

here's how we help you rise above ↓

conscious content marketing and copywriting

purpose-led brand, voice and messaging strategy

01. Brand Story Alchemy

Behind every iconic brand is a potent brand story told well - one that shifts attitudes and sets hearts alight. 

Our signature 6-week positioning and messaging journey dives deep into your purpose, brand values, target audience and goals to steward an iconic brand myth that etches you into hearts and minds. 

You'll get a master plan for telling your story with actionable steps to ensure your entire team is on point, every time.

This offering is ideal for you if: You're launching a new brand, transforming an existing brand or a founder ready to show up and connect more deeply with your audience. 

02. The Messaging


Your products and services won't sell themselves. Not without words. But finding the right words can be frustrating...and time-consuming. We get it. 

The Messaging Muse® is our top-shelf brand messaging experience designed to give you the clarity, insight and words you need to convert and succeed in business.

We blend thoughtful strategy and inspired creativity to deliver a blueprint for impactful, identity-fuelled copy that boosts your revenue and grows your business. It's equal parts art and psychology-backed science. 

Ready to elevate your brand's narrative with captivating words that are undeniably you?

Get your words flowing. 

content marketing

03. Brand Activation

Turn your story into brand gold with our holistic approach to brand awareness.

Muse State mindfully activates brands with purpose-led content strategy, SEO-optimised blogs, email marketing, social media content, PR and creative campaigns that get your brand seen and heard. 

We create, produce and direct high impact, on-brand content to educate, inspire and motivate people to follow, subscribe to, buy from and advocate for your brand. 

Then we work with in-house teams and some of the brightest paid advertising experts in the business to amplify it. 

This offering is ideal for you if: You've already alchemised your brand story with us, or you have a solid brand strategy and verbal identity in place and are ready to take it to the next level. 


We believe in telling good stories,


Stories have an immense power to influence and inspire. 

As storytellers, we have an ethical responsibility to ensure the tales we tell are transparent, authentic and honest. And we take that responsibility seriously!

So, we ask the deep questions about your purpose, values, actions and impact to ensure there's consistency in what you say and what you do.

No greenwashing, no misleading information, no false endorsements. 

Because accountability matters! 

If you're looking for a content agency that keeps it real and inspired...
you're in the right place.

The Muse State Method

Phase one

Brand Immersion

Phase two

Identity Architecture

Phase three

Brand Activation

phase four

Brand Amplification

We’re not new to the marketing game.

Our process has been honed by our Founder and Head Muse Meagan Morrison over 20 years. It's a journey of story-led transformation and elevation that makes purpose palpable, vision visible and brands memorable.

what they're saying:

“Whether you need a holistic brand strategy or  compelling content, Muse State is on point, every time.”

— Alison McLeod, Wow Agency

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